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FIND Your own


We help you create your brand around your design and your personality  with an eye on the markets. Our first target is to assist you find your style, stay original and create a buzz around your brand so it will be gaining interest from Press as well as buyers. Every little detail needs to fit into your strategy and the key markets that you target with your brand.

Develop your own sellable design


We are supporting you to develop your own personal sellable style. You might be a very talented designer, but your collection needs changes, so you will be 100% sellable in todays markets. We are able to assist you with our experience in the wholesale market. Our up to date knowledge about the needs of the market and the buyers will help you to create a strong collection. We are happy to work with you on your drawings before you invest a huge amount into the sample production. This Service will not only help you safe money, it will also gain you a better commercialization.

Create your own sales strategy


We consult you on your choice of stores and work out a sales strategy for your brand. At the beginning designers usually think any sale to any store is great. It is very important to sell to the right stores first. We will work out a proper sales structure with you also assist you with the merchandising of a collection for example what pieces to present to which buyer. You will only have a moment of a buyers time and it is vital to make the correct choice.  

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