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Let it pop!


You are probably aware of pop-up stores, that are placed in a certain location only a few days, weeks or months. We love the concept as it fits our company strategy „adopt to change quickly“. Within the last years we recognized that staying at the same place the entire year costs a lot of money for us as well as for our clients. The idea was born when an employee mentioned that we all meet at the same markets all year round. She said, it’s like a fashion circus, it always moves from one country to the next. That is exactly what we do. In the past we have been showcasing already in Paris, Milan, Las Vegas and LA. Now we are taking this concept to the next level.

Let us plan a success together!
Trade show


We support you with planning and executing your booth for a trade show. There is a lot of work involved in the preparation of a suitable trade show booth, such as finding the right place within the show, staying in the budget, managing the booth builders and so on. 

It is vital for your brands presentation that every detail is planned and executed correct. This will make your trade show presentation a success.

Let us run the show together


We have many years of experience in event organization, from small fashion presentations, press events, fashion shows, up to huge group showcases. You may need assistance with your event, when it comes to choosing the right models, the perfect location, or just the entire event. We can help you find the right partners and make your event a one of a kind experience. 

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