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YOu go Bananas with your creative business..

we help you stay calm! 

about US.

We consider ourselves as a full services Agency that connects you worldwide with any contact you may need. Nexus Showroom has been in business for over 20 Years by now, and we always have been improving our concept. For us it is very important that we are able to adopt to change very quickly. Every day our globalized markets change and it is important to detect the change and react on it. Nexus Showroom started as Fashion Showroom in New York, then expended into fields such as Event planning, PR, Marketing, Branding, Consulting, Finance and Art. We have been always trying to provide a high end quality service and realized that just being a showroom is not enough. Many of our clients needed more a full guidance then just a simple sales person. Nexus is able to assist designers from their first scetch up on the finishing of a collection and finally the presentation for the mager buyers and press. 

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